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NEW! Custom Towel & Diaper Cake Services

Beautiful and elegant customized diaper and towel for your Special Occasion.
Our decorative non-edible gift cakes are made in a sterile, clean and smoke- free home!

Diaper Cakes!

A Daisy's Custom Diaper Cake is a diaper cake that is 3 - tier to 4-tier, non edible, cake-like handicraft made of size 1 Pampers Swaddlers diapers.

Each custom diaper cake is filled with bibs, a blanket, binkies with clips, manicure set, teething ring, rattle, washcloth, nail clipper, brush and comb set, or spoon and fork set. And depending on your theme for example: Disney, Sports, Baby Phat, Small Paul, Juicy Couture & Guess etc. No one diaper cake is the same.

We chose size 1 diapers, and not size "newborn," to ensure that the baby doesn't outgrow the diapers before all 54 are used up. A baby will wear size 1 diapers for a longer period of time.

We take our time to pick out themes that match with a baby shower theme or a nursery. Everything inside the cake matches the theme as well. Everything in our cake can be modified to fit the likes of the mother. We can make any cake fit any theme with just a simple request from you. We are also careful to pick top-of-the-line products, so they all get used, and top-of-the-line fabrics for beauty and quality.

Everything in our cake is reusable by the parents. The ribbons simply slip off to allow the diapers to be used as well as all of the contents inside. Nothing is damaged during the making of the cake. Each tier lifts easily to reveal what is hidden inside. The mother can easily pull the items out and re-stack the cake until she wants to use a diaper. The diapers pull out one at a time.

What better way to celebrate a new baby then with a special custom diaper cake from Custom Cakes by Daisy? The cake is sure to be the hit of the party!

Towel Cakes

Custom Towel Cake by Daisy is a non-edible 3-tier cake made up of two plush bath towels, two plush hand towels, and two plush washcloths. It is a complete set of towels. Our cakes are decorated with beautiful flowers, beautiful ribbon and filled inside with gifts for that specific occasion.

Our Wedding Towel Cakes are made up with the complete set of towels, filled inside with candles, champagne glasses, lush flowers and rose petals. Our towel cakes are topped with a romantic cake topper, to fit the theme of the wedding. This is such a romantic wedding gift and makes a stunning centerpiece.

We can change any of the decorations on the wedding cake to match the colors of the wedding and the occasion. What better way to say congratulations, with a custom wedding towel cake.

These cakes make great gifts for Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, Retirement, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, or a Holiday.

Our cakes are made with plush quality towels. All towels are made of cotton and made to last.

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